Private railway to Heathrow from Waterloo

A new privately built railway line would be constructed into Heathrow from Waterloo station in London under government plans to expand Britain’s rail network without using taxpayer money upfront.

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One thought on “Private railway to Heathrow from Waterloo

  1. Tim Henderson says:

    Which of the issues mentioned in the Jacobs work for the Airports Commission will be addressed by the private scheme to provide the needed capacity rather than just connectivity ?

    “To enable an increase in the number of services on the Windsor Lines, in the high peak hour, beyond the baseline frequency, several significant constraints would need to be addressed:

    • further additional track capacity through Queenstown Road above that provided in CP5;
    • additional track capacity via Richmond and/or via Hounslow;
    • resolution of level crossing downtime issues on the route via Richmond and Hounslow;
    • potential grade-separation at Barnes Junction to segregate the Hounslow and Richmond flows;
    • the possibility of additional platform capacity at London Waterloo;
    • capacity through Feltham.“

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